Sunday, April 23, 2017

Texas Compassionate Use Act

In 2015 Texas lawmakers legalized CBD Oil by passing the Compassionate Use Act.  These

lawmakers actually acknowledged the fact that CBD Oil had benefits for some epilepsy


Now, 2 years later the State of Texas has decided to issue just 3 licenses for CBD

production facilities in the state. This has brought in upwards of 40 applicants for the 3

licenses. They are coming from both out of state and instate.

This is all good, but as usual, money talks.  The licensing fee itself is $488,000.00 and

that doesn't include application fees and employee registration which will take the first

step in getting one of these licenses to about $500,000.00.  On top of that is building a

facility to grow and process and finally sell it.

Why does a license cost $500,000.00???