Friday, May 12, 2017

Hemp Bedding for Animals

 Hemp Bedding offers horses and other animals a cleaner and healthier home. In reality, any animal that requires bedding would benefit from hemp bedding. Hemp is extremely absorbent as it can hold 4x its own weight. It is very low in dust and reduces odors better than straw or wood shavings. Hemp bedding is completely biodegradable and naturally decomposes into the earth.  Some people are actually mixing their hemp manure with seed and returning it to their fields. The inner core of the hemp plant, called Hemp hurds, is used for bedding. It is highly absorbent and rich in cellulose and has great thermal properties. Bedding longevity, cleanliness and earth friendly qualities are thing the consumers are looking and hemp bedding  gives that to the consumer.  Keep the knowledge flowing.


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